Business VoIP Solutions

Business voip solutions

Spend Less on Communications by Using a Video Conferencing Server

Computers > Software | By: Winsent Clarke (11/23/11)

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Business VoIP Solutions

Any successful business needs to have a fast, efficient and affordable way of carrying out communications between different departments and members of staff. In these days of high technology and an abundance of affordable solutions, there’s no excuse for being left behind. A video conferencing server is ideal for providing your business with all of its communications needs. Your business will also be able to save money and, thanks to the unlimited video and audio

exchange, your staff will be able to collaborate more efficiently and important business decisions will be made faster. One solution that makes all of this possible is TrueConf server. This is a complete communications tool which provides all of the features that you need for efficient and reliable communications throughout your entire business. TrueConf Server is a complete video conferencing server for businesses of any size. (Business Voip Solutions are the most modern solution to comunication problems in the world.)

It combines exceptional performance and reliability to make for the ideal solution for optimizing the way the elements of your business collaborate with one another. The video conferencing server makes it possible to have video conferences with multiple people over either a corporate network or a secure Internet connection. It is eas

y to use and no special knowledge is required. Training your staff to use the program requires minimal time and effort since the user interface is intuitive and neatly presented. It is possible to conduct video conference with up to 16 people viewing a single broadcaster. It is also possible to have up to 100 participants in a single video conference with three speakers broadcasting video at the same time. TrueConf provides a wide range of extra features to enhance collaborative work and serve a purpose in a wide variety of different scenarios. For example,remote desktop feature allows a broadcaster to remotely control the desktop of another user.

Example of residential network including VoIP

Example of residential network including VoIP (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an idea for providing technical support, fixing problems and much more. Other collaborative tools that make this video conferencing server an extremely versatile solution are complete calls history, a file transfer feature, address book, text chat and a whiteboard. It provides a far more professional solution with the wide range of features and extensive support that businesses need. It is much more beneficial than the standard VoIP solutions which often have limited support regarding the number of possible connections and more. TrueConf video conferencing server is ideal for many businesses of varying sizes, because it makes it possible to hold company conferences with people in any physical location, so, business decisions can be arrived at sooner than ever.

There’s no need to go through the trouble to organize a major conference event in which everyone needs to be physically present in order to take part. TrueConf, unlike many other solutions, provides an ideal platform for much larger businesses as well. This makes the solution even more cost effective for larger operations. What’s more is that this video conferencing software is one of the easiest and quickest to deploy. You can learn more about this powerful video conferencing server and view support information and tutorials at



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